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Solv is working with providers across the country to deploy new or evolve existing telemed strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic, and collaborated tightly with the Urgent Care Association. In doing so, we see first hand what it takes to be successful with telemed and diversified patient visits, and are sharing best practices through a series of free live webinars. Register now and watch them all today!

Access the full series of recorded webinars here, helping you get started and be successful with both in-clinic and virtual patient visits in the face of and following the COVID-19 crisis. We'll keep you updated as additional webinars are scheduled and content is published. If you are interested in learning more about Solv Video Telemed for your practice, let us know!

Recorded webinars you'll have access to:

Solv Video Telemed

Part 1: COVID-19 and the Rise of Telemed

Providing the convenient care community with the resources they need to investigate the use and implementation of telemedicine in preparation for a larger COVID-19 outbreak.

Key learning objectives...

  • Video Telemed best practices for urgent care, including security, insurance, billing, and patient adoption
  • Innovative approaches to triage and testing being implemented by providers across the country
  • How to safely keep COVID-19 positive providers in practice and productive
  • Patient communication best practices for COVID-19

Part 2: Go Live in 7 Days or Less

Join experts from Solv and Medical Practice Success as we focus on the tactical elements of launching a telemed strategy as part of your business operations in less than 7 days. 

Key learning objectives...

  • How to staff properly to support a virtual and physical waiting room
  • Workflow recommendations for collecting patient information and handing off a virtual visit to a provider 
  • General billing and reimbursement information and resources 
  • Marketing tips to ensure you convert existing patients and attract new ones to your virtual care offering

Part 3: Marketing Your Virtual Visits

Review best practices in marketing your new virtual service offering to convert existing patients and acquire new patients.

Key learning objectives...

  • Leverage your practice website and in-clinic signage to direct existing patients to your telemed services
  • Utilize marketing outreach tools like email, text/SMS, social media and more to triage your patients to the best care path for them
  • Adjust your new patient acquisition marketing to drive telemed adoption, particularly in the face of declining in-clinic visits

Part 4: Beyond COVID-19: The Future of Urgent Care

In partnership with the Urgent Care Association (UCA), we discuss the urgent care business model of the future, and what operators must do today to remain relevant.

Key learning objectives...

  • Current state of the urgent care industry during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • New business models that have been unlocked due to temporary changes made in regulatory and compliance standards
  • Roadmap to urgent care 2.0
  • Expert panel discussion led by Dr. Rob Rohatsch, Katrina Catto, and Shane Lacaillade

Part 5: 5 Telemed Mistakes Made During COVID-19

According to an industry survey, 78% of provider groups have stood up a telemed strategy since the pandemic began. And according to Solv consumer insights research, patients will remain loyal to providers who continue to offer virtual care in a post-COVID world. Solv has onboarded hundreds of groups over the past few months and has gathered insights from this surge in telemed adoption that we believe will be useful across industries.

Key learning objectives...

  • Consumer insights into patient preferences as states begin to re-open and how to plan for the resurgence of in-person traffic.
  • 5 mistakes that provider groups make when standing up their telemed strategy
  • How to develop a telemed strategy that suits your needs now and in a post-covid world

Part 6: Understanding Consumer Telemed Preferences

Solv recently conducted a consumer insights survey of households across the U.S. order to get a comprehensive pulse on consumer sentiment of telemed and healthcare preferences as the industry enters a new generation. Tune in as we review what we've learned and give you actionable insights to adapt your locations to keep your patients, staff, and providers safe as well as create an experience that patients demand.